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    Posts Written in February 2011

    Opal Rings – The Facts

    Opal rings have an undisputed worldwide appeal and the unique inner fire burning within the heart of each opal symbolises feelings of hope and true destiny.

    Rings made with opal stones will capture your imagination and at Rings.org.uk we have popular and fun facts to help you choose the opal rings you’ll want to wear time and time again. (more…)

    New Special Offers On Rings.org.uk

    Save more money on your engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond solitaire rings and more when you buy rings from Ernest Jones and H Samuel through Rings.org.uk from now until the 3rd of April.

    Check out the Rings Special Offers page for details!

    Tanzanite Rings Or Turquoise Rings?

    Choosing new fashion rings or engagement rings really shouldn’t be this hard. In order to keep up with girlfriends and sisters our status is somewhat governed by the rings that we wear, who gave them to us, how much they cost and will they go with “that dress”?

    So if you’re looking for something unique, modern, stylish and chic then the sensuous tri-colour tanzanite ring could be for you. Discovered in 1967 in Northern Tanzania the tanzanite gemstone is a purple-blue variety of the mineral ziosite and is becoming extremely popular for the centrepiece in engagement rings. Tanzanite has also been awarded Birthstone status and is one of the three birthstones for December along with turquoise and zircon. (more…)

    The World’s Most Expensive Diamond Ring


    A tropical ocean of rare and sparkling blue diamond protected by shoulders of glittering diamonds and set in an 18ct white gold band paved with more diamonds is the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring valued at nearly £10 million and one of the most expensive pieces of diamond jewellery in existence.

    Blue diamonds take their colour from boron deposits which gives the diamond its distinctive ultramarine, aquamarine and sapphire glow. Rare, expensive and decidedly exclusive a blue diamond ring isn’t for everyone. (more…)

    Why Choose Emerald Rings?

    For over 4,000 years emerald rings and emerald jewellery have been the gemstone of choice for Royalty and wealthy people. Glowing with an inner fire of green light emeralds transcend beauty and desire, captivating generation after generation with their deep mystery and affection.

    Rings made with emerald are used to celebrate 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries. Emerald rings are also the ideal present for people born in May and those born under the Taurus star sign. Emerald is the birthstone for May and this green gem makes a delightful gift to treasure. (more…)

    Rings.org.uk Special – A Draining Proposal

    Not everyone expects their marriage proposal to involve the Fire Department and a sewer drain. However, John Iverson from Denver, USA, was making his proposal to his girlfriend at 9pm on Valentines Day when he accidentally dropped one of the rings he was carrying as he took the engagement ring out of his pocket.

    As well as the beautiful diamond engagement ring John was using to propose, he also had his girlfriend’s mother’s wedding band in his pocket. The precious wedding band is said to have fallen to the ground and rolled through a grate into the city sewer system and looked to be lost forever. (more…)

    Top Five Ways To Lose Rings

    After a while wearing an engagement ring, wedding ring or both becomes second nature. Months after you’ve flashed your rings past your girl friend’s noses and perfected making rainbows with your diamond engagement ring, there comes a time when the ring feels natural, like it belongs there.

    It’s apparently at this point that we become careless, a little knock, slipping the ring on and off absentmindedly, forgetting it’s off after the washing up or a shower and so on. It’s at this point that it’s possible if not likely that the rings could be misplaced, lost or vanished from under your watchful sight. (more…)

    Lindsay Lohan – It Wasn’t A Diamond Ring

    Celebrity superstar and Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing not a diamond ring but a gold necklace worth £1,500 from a jewellery store at the end of January 2011. Star of Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan has pleaded not guilty to the charges, believing that the necklace had been on loan to her by the shop.

    Dressed in a stunning, figure hugging white minidress, Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse and was shortly given a £25,000 bail with instructions to reappear in two weeks time. A fan of designer jewellery and often seen wearing beautiful rings, Lindsay Lohan left the court looking composed behind her oversized sunglasses. (more…)