Rings Buying Guide

Are you looking for the perfect ring but don’t know where to start? Let the Rings.org.uk Rings Buying Guide help you select the perfect engagement rings, wedding rings and rings for every occasion.

Treat yourself to luxurious diamond rings to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary. Or find a unique ring as a gift for someone special.

Choosing Your Ring

How do you choose the engagement ring your girlfriend or partner will love? Unless you have something very specific in mind or if she has dropped a few hints it can be a daunting task to choose a ring that she’ll love.

Most women wear their engagement ring on the third finger of their left hand. The engagement ring usually sits below the wedding ring in the order they were given. It’s important to choose a ring that is comfortable, not too tight or too loose (this is where ring sizing is important). The engagement ring and wedding ring should sit together without rubbing, pinching or chaffing.

Choosing an engagement ring is an exciting journey whether you are a man looking for the perfect ring to surprise your girlfriend or partner or whether you are choosing an engagement ring together. Some men prefer to choose an engagement ring with their partner and although it may spoil the surprise it makes sure she loves the ring as she helped choose the ring with you.

Gold Rings, Silver Rings – Which Metal To Choose?

When choosing a ring for someone else it is helpful to know what other jewellery they wear. Someone who wears lots of gold earrings or gold bracelets is likely to enjoy wearing gold rings. Yellow gold rings are vibrant sunshine jewellery that will shine on your fingertips. Gold is a non-toxic metal that can be worn close to your skin every day.

White gold rings, silver rings, platinum rings and titanium rings are the silver-grey alternative to yellow gold. White gold and platinum are modern metals with an air of exclusivity, luxury and class. Silver rings and sterling silver rings are the perfect choice if you prefer the cool silver colour that complements fair skin tones and displays wealth and status without the dominance of yellow gold.

Titanium rings are a popular choice for mens wedding rings as the rugged deeper grey colouring is masculine and the titanium metal is durable and resilient. Couples who choose matching ring metals will find a wide choice of mens wedding rings and ladies wedding rings that are made from the same material and carry the same design or engraving.

Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires And More

Diamond rings are perhaps the most popular choice of engagement ring and eternity ring. The beauty and purity represented by the diamond is unrivalled and a diamond ring has a presence whether in a gold or silver setting. Diamond engagement rings are said to be the most popular as the glittering diamond has a timeless beauty.

Choosing a ring with one of the birthstones can be a thoughtful present for a friend or member of your family. If your Mum was born in July then a ruby ring would contain her lucky birthstone. Rings make excellent presents for Mothers Day, birthdays and Christmas. Not to mention Valentines Day when you can give a ring to someone special. In fact Valentines Day is one of the most popular days of the year to propose. Next February, make sure you order your friendship rings, promise rings, anniversary rings and if you’re at that relationship stage a beautiful engagement ring from the stunning choice of rings at Rings.org.uk.

For more details about birthstones and gemstone information, check out the Birthstones by Month guide and search the Blog for specific gemstones.

Buying Online

Buying any product online is exciting but perhaps none more so than buying rings online. When you compare different rings at Rings.org.uk you’re comparing rings from the leading High Street stores with names you know and trust. Your favourite shops such as H.Samuel, Goldsmiths and Ernest Jones have many rings at Rings.org.uk to choose from.

The rings you’ll find at Rings.org.uk come from top quality shops such as The Diamond Store, Links of London, Swarovski as well as quality budget stores such as Tesco and Argos. Rings from all of these stores have prices, sizes and ring information to help you make your decisions.

Rest assured there’s still romance in buying rings online. Instead of braving the High Street crowds and being hustled and bustled into a decision you can relax, click on as many rings as you like and make informed choices based on the wealth of information available. For men, buying rings online is a saviour if you’re unsure which ring your girlfriend or partner might like. As well as browsing in comfort and from one location you can take time to research your rings without feeling pressured. Find out which metal and gemstone to choose and order direct to your home or workplace.

Buying online has great price saving advantages. Without having huge overheads the online shops can reduce prices. You may find the same or similar rings at Rings.org.uk that have tens or hundreds of pounds reduced. Many shops include free or cheap delivery, some with free returns and free or discounted re-sizing services.

Rings bought online may also include beautiful gift wrap which will add to the magic of giving your girlfriend or partner her ring. It also adds a personal touch and means you can open and re-wrap the ring after you have checked and double checked to make sure it’s the right ring if you’re nervous before proposing!

There are plenty of good reasons why you must buy your wedding rings and engagement rings online. The choice in one location enables you to browse from multiple shops, compare prices and rings without trudging from one end of town to the other. Even with the larger stores you’ll still receive a personal service when the rings you order are delivered to your door. If price is a concern then you’re sure to save money buying online. With hundreds of pounds to be saved that’s money that can go towards your wedding day, honeymoon and future life together.

Help With Ring Sizes

Ring sizes are a little like dress sizes and shoe sizes, sometimes you have to look at a few before you know your size.

For men buying your girlfriend a ring for the first time can be a daunting prospect. However, does she wear other rings? Try to check out her jewellery case and measure one of her existing rings. Rings are available in standard sizes which are assigned letters of the alphabet. Charts are available to check the measurements against the letter. Once you have the letter relating to her size buying a ring is easy!

Ring Sizing Tip
Visit your High Street jeweller and ask your girlfriend to try on a ring or two. Without raising her hopes you’ll surreptitiously be able to find out which rings are too tight, which are too lose and which rings are just right.

When buying rings online remember that most rings can be re-sized if necessary. It’s better to buy the ring you like in the nearest size and have it altered if necessary. Most men enjoy online shopping, comparing products without the hassle of the High Street bustle.

Check out the Rings.org.uk Ring Size Chart for extra information.