Anniversary Rings

An anniversary ring isn’t just reserved for couples in long standing relationships, the gemstones below can be given as gifts at any time. At, we have over 15,000 sparkling rings from leading High Street brands such as H.Samuel, Goldsmiths, F.Hinds and more to choose from. We can help you find the perfect ring using our Ring Size Chart and Ring Finder tools.

Did you know that popular anniversary rings contain three stones, one representing the past, one for the present and one for the future? An anniversary ring with a single stone is said to represent true love and a ring with multiple stones can represent the number of years of your relationship.

In the traditional list of anniversary gifts, the following metals and gemstones have been nominated for particular years. A ring made from the chosen metal or containing the special gemstone will be a gift to treasure forever.

Find out which gemstone matches your anniversary, and browse the selection of rings at to find a ring or pair of matching rings for yourself and your partner.

10th Anniversaries – Diamond Rings
12th Anniversaries – Pearl Rings
14th Anniversaries – Gold Rings
16th Anniversaries – Tourmaline Rings or Silver Holloware
18th Anniversaries – Turquoise Rings
19th Anniversaries – Aquamarine Rings
24th Anniversaries – Opal Rings
25th Anniversaries – Silver Rings
30th Anniversaries – Pearl Rings
35th Anniversaries – Coral Rings
40th Anniversaries – Ruby Rings
45th Anniversaries – Sapphire Rings
50th Anniversaries – Gold Rings
55th Anniversaries – Emerald Rings
60th Anniversaries – Diamond Rings
65th Anniversaries – Blue Sapphire Rings
70th Anniversaries – Platinum Rings
75th Anniversaries – Diamond Rings or Gold Rings