Types Of Ring

Engagement rings, wedding rings or simply a token of friendship or fashion? Rings are available in so many shapes and sizes that it can be hard to find the perfect ring. Choosing the right ring for yourself or your loved one could be one of the important decisions you’ll make in your life.

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Whilst browsing the types of rings to choose from, why not also take a look at our handy Ring Size Chart. If you’re choosing a ring as a birthday present, check out our Birthstones By Month guide to pick a ring with the gemstone that matches the month you or your friend were born.

The right ring will make all the difference.

Engagement Rings

Before asking “will you marry me?” have you thought ahead to the moment you will be producing the ring to seal the engagement? Typically a man will spend one or two months’ salary on a ring and purchase the ring in advance. Or, as part of an increasing modern custom, a couple will choose the engagement ring together. Whilst this may spoil the surprise, the future bride has the opportunity to select the correct size for her ring as well as her preferred gemstone, setting and band.

Wedding Rings

In the UK it is custom for both men and women to wear wedding rings once they are married. The wedding ring is worn on the third finger on the left hand and can be made from gold, white gold, silver or other metals such as platinum or titanium. Mens wedding rings tend to be larger and weigh more than women’s wedding rings. As these rings are designed to be worn for life, it is important that you choose a metal that you are comfortable wearing. Also consider engravings or inscriptions on your wedding rings. These can be simple engravings such as your names or the wedding date, or a personal message for you to cherish.

Eternity Rings

Forever, for eternity, this special ring is reserved for everlasting love. The eternity ring is easily identified by a circle of gemstones all around the outer band of the ring. A half-eternity ring has gemstones covering half of the outer band – these are more readily available and are popular gifts between family and close friends. Eternity rings can be worn on any finger but are mostly found as well as, or instead of, an engagement or wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand.

Dress Rings

A dress ring, dinner ring, cocktail ring or fashion ring can be worn every day and for any occasion. Although dress rings are typically large and vibrant, set with glittering precious and semi-precious gemstones, some dress rings are more subtle and reserved with plain bands and simple designs. Browse the huge selection of quality dress rings at Rings.org.uk to find the right ring for you.

Wishbone Rings

The wishbone ring takes its name from its likeness to the chicken wishbone. It is similar to a circular ring, however has indentations. The wishbone ring is also known as an “M” ring or “W” ring, depending on how it is worn. Wishbone rings can be plain or contain gemstones and are popular with women as their unique shape can be flattering and appear to elongate the hand. Wishbone rings can be interlocked together to create a beautiful and glamorous effect. If you like this style, remember to look at the selection of twin and triple wishbone rings at Rings.org.uk.

Jewellery Tip:
To avoid friction between an engagement ring and a wedding ring, consider having both rings joined together. This simple process can prolong the lifetime of your rings.