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    Posts in the ‘Wedding Rings’ Category

    Diamond Rings – Buy Now, Pay Later

    Diamond rings are no longer unaffordable, unobtainable luxury rings exclusive only to the rich and famous. Rings dazzling with glittering, sparkling diamonds radiate the light reflecting and refracting rainbows of beautiful colours. Diamond rings are surely a girl’s best friend.

    Choosing a diamond ring for your girlfriend or partner this Christmas couldn’t be easier. Simply visit Rings.org.uk and use the Ring Finder in the top left corner. With options to search by material, e.g. gold or silver, then by gemstone and price you’ll find rings to suit the smallest of budgets right through to the once in a lifetime rings of your dreams. (more…)

    Wedding Rings – Order Yours Securely Online

    Wedding rings exchanged at your special ceremony are the next most important rings, after your fabulous engagement rings received a few months, weeks or maybe even hours before if you’re combining your engagement and wedding together. Wedding rings are the circle of love worn on the third finger of your left hand believed to link directly to your heart.

    Today’s wedding rings are available to order online as well as in the shops. With more choice from more stores in one place it’s so easy to compare rings and choose your favourite designs. There’s no need to forget which rings came from which shop as you can have them alongside each other. With fantastic pictures, 3D graphics and easy size measurements you’ll find it easy to pick both his and hers wedding rings and have them delivered in time for your big day. (more…)

    Rings.org.uk Special Feature – The Best Places To Propose

    Rings.org.uk is the UK’s number one rings comparison site and also one of the best places for advice choosing your engagement rings, wedding rings and simply rings for any and every occasion. As well as offering a huge selection of over 15,000 stunning rings to customers in the UK and beyond you might find the following places inspiration to make your proposal unique and extremely special.

    With thousands of romantic locations to choose from in the UK alone rings have been exchanged on Cornwall’s sunset beaches, ancient monuments like Stonehenge and contemporary cultural landmarks such as the London Eye and Blackpool Tower. (more…)

    Wedding Rings Manicure For Your Perfect Day


    Wedding rings are on show for everyone to see on your wedding day and from that day onwards. So it makes sense to take care of your hands before the ceremony. When you’re having your hair and makeup perfected this is a great time for a manicure so that your rings look great on your ring finger.

    Chipped or broken nails can take away the beauty of your engagement rings and wedding rings. Yet a simple routine check up for your nails will make your rings look even more amazing no matter how many people want to see them. Rings.org.uk has a five step manicure to ensure your nails look as perfect as your rings. (more…)

    Boxing Day Bargains

    If you survived Christmas Day you might be thinking to head for the High Street to spend your Christmas cash. Brave the cold icy winds, sleet and snow if you like but why not stay warm and finish your Christmas shopping at Rings.org.uk.

    You can choose from over 10,000 rings selected from High Street retailers and top online brands such as Astley Clarke, Links of London, H. Samuel, F. Hinds and many more. (more…)

    Mens Wedding Rings

    Mens Wedding Rings

    Mens wedding rings are often overlooked in the excitement of the proposal, stag parties and hen parties and the wedding day itself. However, most men want to demonstrate their love for their partner and commitment by wearing rings on the third finger of their left hand.

    Remember how your girlfriend (now fiancé) received lots of attention when you gave her one of those special engagement rings. Almost before you finished proposing the news probably travelled the full circuit of her friends and family. The same is true for you and there’s no doubt you’ll both need wedding rings ready for your wedding day. (more…)

    Murano Glass Rings

    Murano Glass Ring

    Murano glass rings are modern, stylish and contemporary rings and very popular for Christmas gifts as they are light and easy to post. Murano glass rings come in every bright, vibrant colour imaginable and are intertwined with glitter, foil and sparkle. At Rings.org.uk, we are pleased to offer a selection of Murano glass rings available with prices starting at under £20.

    The unique and trendy Murano glass rings are expertly hand crafted and hand blown by skilled artisans in Venice. Murano glass rings are well known around the world and glass makers have been working in the Venitian island of Murano, where Murano glass takes its name, since the 10th century. (more…)

    Astley Clarke Rings And Much, Much More

    Astley Clarke

    Astley Clarke, founded in June 2006 by Rebecca Astley-Clarke, is undoubtedly one of the top luxury jewellery brands online today. Heralded as the new era for online shoppers seeking luxury jewellery, Astley Clarke offers an exclusive selection of wedding rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

    If you’re looking for a treasure chest of luxury jewellery crafted with love and attention to detail, you’ll find that Astley Clarke is the home of more than 50 UK and International jewellery designers including Carolina Bucci, Monica Vinander, Shaun Leane and Pippa Small. Using real gemstones and precious metals, Astley Clarke rings and jewellery does not belong in “throwaway fashion”. (more…)

    On Which Finger Should I Wear A Ring?

    Rings can be worn on any finger of your left or right hand, however in many countries and cultures there are fixed traditions that have been around for centuries.

    In the UK, when becoming engaged, a woman may receive an Engagement Ring to wear on her fourth finger (the finger between the little finger and the middle finger) on her left hand. This finger is known as the ring finger or digitus quartus. (more…)