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    Posts Written in September 2011

    Opal Rings – 5 Reasons You’ll Want One

    Opal rings are sensuous, beautiful, stunning rings that complement almost any outfit and suit almost every personality.

    These versatile gemstones are available through Rings.org.uk and the vibrant colours can be shimmering on your fingers before you know it. At Rings.org.uk we have the top five reasons why people choose to buy and to give pretty opal rings. (more…)

    Opal Rings For Libra Ladies

    Opal rings contain the fabulous multi-coloured gemstone celebrating the Libra zodiac star sign.

    For Libra the opal is a talisman bringing good luck and good fortune. (more…)

    Opal Rings – Capture The Fire Within

    Opal rings are one of the few gemstone rings you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Capturing the beauty of the rainbow effect of many colours combined into one of these beautiful rings is something unique and very special.

    Australian opal rings and Mexican opal rings are beautiful and delicate and simply brimming with passionate colour. (more…)

    Eternity Rings – For Now and For Ever

    Eternity rings are beautiful rings that carry a message of love and friendship. Romantic and fashionable these rings are made to be given, cherished and worn day after day. Closely related to wedding rings eternity rings also known as half circle bands or full circle bands demonstrate a settled, loving relationship.

    The first eternity rings date back to around 2000 BC when the Ancient Egyptians wore a simple band to show a bond between people. The eternity ring is typically worn on the third finger of the left hand and if part of a marriage then it can reside before or after the engagement ring and wedding ring. (more…)

    Cubic Zirconia Rings – Can You Tell The Difference?

    Cubic zirconia rings or CZ rings have the dazzling brilliance of pure diamonds and the elegance of wearing beautiful rings without the price restriction attached to precious diamond rings that you might fear wearing or spoiling. Cubic zirconia has been around for a long time and is not just a component of a budget ring but this material gemstone can be a trophy of beauty you’ll love to wear on your ring finger.

    Heart shaped cubic zirconia rings are very popular as promise rings and friendship rings. For couples who care more for each other than the price of the ring cubic zirconia rings are surely the romantic answer. (more…)

    Rose Gold Rings For Autumn Engagements

    Rose gold rings are sensuously different rings couples are using to celebrate engagements. A rose gold engagement ring can quietly convey a loving message from a man to a woman without the flamboyance and glamour of yellow gold rings nor the chic, sleekness of white gold rings. Rose gold is the colour of autumn that can be enjoyed all year around.

    Rose gold is infused with copper to provide a rich colour with a hint of rustic pink that can appear antique. The antique quality of rose gold rings symbolises lasting friendships and marriages. The ancient appeal of rose gold is widely popular today and is used in rose gold engagement rings and rings of beauty that you’ll love to give and love to wear. (more…)

    Rose Gold Rings With A Hint Of Autumn

    Rose gold rings contain the beautiful rich colours of summer turning to autumn. With echoes of falling leaves and an antique chic quality rose gold rings make eye catching rings perfectly suited to engagement rings, wedding rings and simply rings for any occasion at all.

    You’ll find a beautiful collection of rose gold rings at Rings.org.uk the UK’s number one ring comparison site. With over 15,000 rings selected from your favourite High Street and online stores you can choose your rings and place secure online orders to have precious rings delivered direct to your door. (more…)