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    Posts Written in November 2010

    Astley Clarke Rings And Much, Much More

    Astley Clarke

    Astley Clarke, founded in June 2006 by Rebecca Astley-Clarke, is undoubtedly one of the top luxury jewellery brands online today. Heralded as the new era for online shoppers seeking luxury jewellery, Astley Clarke offers an exclusive selection of wedding rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

    If you’re looking for a treasure chest of luxury jewellery crafted with love and attention to detail, you’ll find that Astley Clarke is the home of more than 50 UK and International jewellery designers including Carolina Bucci, Monica Vinander, Shaun Leane and Pippa Small. Using real gemstones and precious metals, Astley Clarke rings and jewellery does not belong in “throwaway fashion”. (more…)

    Top 10 Reasons To Choose Turquoise Rings

    Turquoise Ring

    # 1 – The first reason to choose a turquoise ring is simple. Your vibrant, eye catching, bright blue turquoise rings will brighten your day each time you wear them. They will invoke precious feelings of happiness, prosperity and success.

    # 2 – Glamorous turquoise rings are said to help at work and at home with your communication. Turquoise rings are said to aid regeneration and renew your strength. (more…)

    Turquoise Rings – The Birthstone For December

    Turquoise Ring

    Turquoise is the chosen gemstone for the star sign Sagittarius and those born in the winter month of December. Turquoise is the gemstone to celebrate 5th and 11th wedding anniversaries.

    As part of a year long Gregorian Birthstone Poem, December’s verse quotes wearing a turquoise ring as the key to success. (more…)

    Tanzanite Rings For Christmas

    Tanzanite Ring

    The ultra cool modern tanzanite rings contain the pretty tanzanite gemstone that is one of the three birthstones for December along with turquoise and zircon. Tanzanite is a tri-colour gemstone that shimmers with beautiful shades of blue sapphire, dashing violet and sensual burgundy.

    Tanzanite rings have a universal appeal as they can be worn with almost any work outfit or home clothes. It’s said that wearing rings will accentuate your fingers and stimulate your senses but wearing tanzanite rings on a girls’ night out will make you the envy of your friends and certainly draw many admiring glances. (more…)

    Tesco Kate Middleton Replica Engagement Ring

    Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

    Hot in the footsteps of the much anticipated proposal from Prince William to his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton, many people are scouring the Internet to find a match for her stunning engagement ring.

    To be similar to Kate Middleton’s ring, the replica engagement ring must have a gold band and a gorgeous sapphire surrounded by glittering diamonds. In line with the company tag line “every little helps”, supermarket giant Tesco is offering a little help to couples searching for the perfect Kate Middleton replica engagement ring. (more…)

    What Are Eternity Rings?

    Eternity Rings

    Eternity rings are symbols of everlasting love. Love for eternity. Eternal love. Love for someone that cannot be expressed by an engagement ring or wedding ring. Eternity rings are the best way to show someone you care and they can be given within an engagement or marriage or between lovers or friends.

    Eternity rings are perfect to celebrate anniversaries within a relationship, birthdays, the birth of a child and any important event. The fluid and continuous design of eternity rings make this jewellery the perfect gift to symbolise the past, present and the future. (more…)

    Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring Hits Brazil Markets

    Copycat Engagement Ring

    When Prince William proposed to long term girlfriend Kate Middleton with his late mother Princess Diana’s engagement ring, the stunning 18ct sapphire and diamond engagement ring fit Kate’s ring finger perfectly.

    Since then, news of her Engagement Ring travelled worldwide with many stores stocking replica rings and market traders importing look-a-like engagement rings for people on the street to buy, wear and enjoy. (more…)

    7 Tips To Care For Gold Rings

    Gold Rings

    Everyone loves shiny Gold Rings, so what do you do when your gold rings are looking past their best? Maybe you went swimming with them on or a spot of gardening has left specs of dirt in the setting that you can’t get out. Don’t panic as with our 7 tips to care for gold rings below, you’re sure to find the answers.

    # 1 – Store your precious gold rings and gold jewellery in a box lined with silk or velvet. Your gold rings will slide against these smooth materials much easier than compared with a wooden box where it may scratch or simply left on your bedroom dresser. (more…)

    Fantastic Christmas Savings – Sapphire Engagement Ring

    18ct Gold Sapphire And Diamond Ring
    Save £200 off this Kate Middleton look-a-like Sapphire Engagement Ring exclusively from F.Hinds. At £499, this 18ct gold, sapphire and 0.25ct diamond ring holds mystery and charm. At the centre, the large, oval sapphire gleams with pure ocean beauty. On either side, attractive diamonds catch the eye.

    An engagement ring with three stones represents the past, the present and the future. Sapphire is not only one of the most beautiful gemstones but also the birthstone for September and the star sign Virgo. Pure diamonds accentuate sapphire’s radiance and this engagement ring is truly one to treasure. (more…)