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    7 Tips To Care For Gold Rings

    Gold Rings

    Everyone loves shiny Gold Rings, so what do you do when your gold rings are looking past their best? Maybe you went swimming with them on or a spot of gardening has left specs of dirt in the setting that you can’t get out. Don’t panic as with our 7 tips to care for gold rings below, you’re sure to find the answers.

    # 1 – Store your precious gold rings and gold jewellery in a box lined with silk or velvet. Your gold rings will slide against these smooth materials much easier than compared with a wooden box where it may scratch or simply left on your bedroom dresser.

    # 2 – Although not frequently practised and probably harder to remember at the time, it is recommended that you don’t wear a gold wedding ring or gold engagement ring when swimming. Prolonged exposure to chlorine may discolour your gold rings.

    # 3 – Likewise, keep your gold rings away from household cleaning agents with chemicals or bleach. To protect your hands as well as your gold rings, simply wear gloves and always wash your hands afterwards.

    # 4 – Clean your gold rings from time to time using a soft bristled brush, a soft nailbrush or even an old toothbrush to pick in and out of any detailed designs. Use a soft cloth to polish your gold rings and rub gently but firmly to bring back the luster and shine.

    # 5 – Although there are many specific gold ring cleaning solutions, top jewellers recommend using warm water and soap to clean gold rings which can be equally effective. Around 15 to 20 minutes will be long enough, then dry your gold rings with cotton wool and let them dry upside down (to allow any excess moisture to drain) before storing or wearing them again.

    # 6 – If a stone falls out of the setting in your gold ring, don’t attempt to glue or solder it back into place yourself. To keep your gold ring guarantee valid (if applicable) return the ring to the jeweller you purchased it from, or a reputable jeweller, who will be able to mend your gold ring and make it look as good as new.

    # 7 – If your gold rings are beyond simple cleaning, or if you have purchased or inherited an antique ring that you wish to restore, take the gold rings to your local jeweller who will be able to advise on cleaning or offer you a professional cleaning service as well.

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