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    Posts in the ‘Mens Wedding Rings’ Category

    Titanium Rings – 5 Reasons You’ll Love Titanium Rings

    Titanium rings take their name from the famous Greek Gods – the Titans – and it is a reflection of their namesake that they are bold statement rings with effortless chic style matched with scratch resistance and durability. Perfect if he has demanding outdoor work or carries out duties at sea or underwater as titanium rings are known for their excellent corrosion resistant properties as equally as their steel grey demeanour.

    Rings.org.uk has an exclusive view of titanium rings and how they play an important part in many peoples lives, whether married and wearing titanium wedding rings or a titanium signet ring with simple engraving to denote a family or club membership. The first reason you’ll love titanium rings is simple, they are strong like the Greek Gods, the Titans, that they are named after. (more…)

    Titanium Rings And Titanium Rings Infused With Colour

    Titanium rings infused with colour are making waves in the jewellery world. Titanium is already known as one of the strongest, most durable metals that is corrosion resistant, durable and comfortable to wear. However the understated dark silver colouring betrays its true strength capable of tough environments and surviving life’s hard knocks.

    Rings made with titanium and infused with colours such as blue, green, pink, red, yellow, orange, black or white are stealing the limelight as the new type of mens wedding rings and ladies wedding rings. The groom can add a subtle stripe of blue to his wedding ring if his bride wears a sapphire engagement ring. (more…)

    Peridot Rings For Men

    Peridot rings for men are stylish rings he can wear to match her peridot engagement ring. Choosing a gemstone to set in his wedding ring can be the ultimate subtle display of lasting love and true devotion.

    Mens rings are often overlooked as simple gold wedding bands or wedding rings with an inscription of love on the inner band. However a growing trend in stylish mens rings means he can add a touch of colour to his ring. (more…)

    5 Tips How To Choose Men’s Wedding Rings

    After selecting the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé it can be a tough task to find two more rings that you’ll both want to wear for the rest of your lives. Ladies wedding rings tend to be smaller, delicate and made from fine metals such as gold, white gold and silver.

    Men’s wedding rings typically have larger bands however there are no rules to say that men’s wedding rings can’t be glamorous and set with diamonds, engraved with initials, dates, a personalised message, or made from equally fine materials. At Rings.org.uk we have five top tips to help you find stylish and comfortable wedding rings. (more…)

    Mens Wedding Rings

    Mens Wedding Rings

    Mens wedding rings are often overlooked in the excitement of the proposal, stag parties and hen parties and the wedding day itself. However, most men want to demonstrate their love for their partner and commitment by wearing rings on the third finger of their left hand.

    Remember how your girlfriend (now fiancé) received lots of attention when you gave her one of those special engagement rings. Almost before you finished proposing the news probably travelled the full circuit of her friends and family. The same is true for you and there’s no doubt you’ll both need wedding rings ready for your wedding day. (more…)