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    Top 10 Reasons To Choose Sapphire Rings

    Blue is the colour of the sky and the ocean, the passionate freedom and independence coupled with the solid foundation of love, trust and desire. Wearing a blue ring, whether a topaz ring, an aquamarine ring or a sapphire ring will make you feel amazing, regardless of whether you bought the ring for yourself or have been given a ring as an engagement ring, eternity ring or anniversary ring.

    At Rings.org.uk, we adore sapphire rings and want to share our top 10 reasons why we say everyone needs a sensuous sapphire ring on their finger.

    Top 10 reasons to wear sapphire rings:

    # 1 – A Royal gemstone, sapphire engagement rings and sapphire rings have been favoured by the British Royal family for several generations. When Prince William proposed to his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton, he chose to present her with the stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring worn by his mother Princess Diana. (more…)

    Engagement Rings Special: Permission For Marriage

    Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

    Is Asking Permission For Marriage From A Bride-To-Be’s Father A Dying Art?

    Since Prince William asked for Kate Middleton’s hand in marriage last month there has been much speculation in the press about the bride-to-be’s sapphire engagement ring – one of the most talked about rings in the world – but much less interest in the circumstances in which the nation’s favourite Prince proposed.

    We know that the couple had been talking about marriage for some time and that William proposed on holiday in Kenya with his late mother Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, yet a lesser known fact is that the Prince didn’t ask Kate’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage until AFTER he proposed. (more…)

    Tesco Kate Middleton Replica Engagement Ring

    Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

    Hot in the footsteps of the much anticipated proposal from Prince William to his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton, many people are scouring the Internet to find a match for her stunning engagement ring.

    To be similar to Kate Middleton’s ring, the replica engagement ring must have a gold band and a gorgeous sapphire surrounded by glittering diamonds. In line with the company tag line “every little helps”, supermarket giant Tesco is offering a little help to couples searching for the perfect Kate Middleton replica engagement ring. (more…)

    Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring Hits Brazil Markets

    Copycat Engagement Ring

    When Prince William proposed to long term girlfriend Kate Middleton with his late mother Princess Diana’s engagement ring, the stunning 18ct sapphire and diamond engagement ring fit Kate’s ring finger perfectly.

    Since then, news of her Engagement Ring travelled worldwide with many stores stocking replica rings and market traders importing look-a-like engagement rings for people on the street to buy, wear and enjoy. (more…)

    Become A Princess With A Copycat Royal Replica Engagement Ring

    Prince William And Kate Middleton Engagement Plate

    At a cool half a million dollars, Kate Middleton’s oval 18ct sapphire and diamond engagement ring is way outside most girls dreams and most boys bank balances. The sensational Engagement Ring worn by Prince William’s mother, the late Lady Diana Spencer caused a storm in 1981 when she was given the ring by Prince Charles. Nearly thirty years later, dazzling photographers and sparkling in society, the ring is said to fit Kate Middleton’s finger perfectly.

    The stunning 18ct blue sapphire is said to be worth around $300,000 alone with the diamonds and setting adding to the value, making the 18ct gold engagement ring a valuable treasure as well as an incredible ring to look at. Diamond is the Birthstone for April and sapphire is the birthstone for September. Together they create a picture of harmony and lasting love between the couple. (more…)

    What Engagement Ring Will Kate Middleton Choose?

    Prince William & Kate Middleton

    With the announcement today that Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton are finally engaged after a long courtship, speculation has already begun to build about what kind of Engagement Ring the future Queen of England will wear in the lead up to what will be perhaps the key high society wedding in 2011.

    Whether Ms Middleton will have much say in the matter of choosing her engagement ring is up for grabs. The British Royal Family, like any other monarchy in the world, are notoriously keen on protocol and past Engagement Rings for key members of the family have been hand-made and sourced from one supplier. (more…)

    A Royal Engagement Ring

    Blue Sapphire Ring
    With a romance to last in history, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton on vacation to Kenya earlier this year and plans have been set for a Royal Wedding to take place in 2011.

    Whilst Clarance House reports “delight announcing the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton”, Prime Minister David Cameron wished them “great joy in their life together”. (more…)