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    A Stuck Ring? Don't Panic

    When trying on a ring in a jewellery store, or if you have borrowed a ring from a friend, you may have experienced a tight sensation when removing the ring. This is caused by the movement of the ring against your skin where your finger expands wider than the band of the ring. The ring becomes wedged, stuck or simply will not budge. If you are lucky and this happens at home it will be less embarrassing, but no less complicated to unstick the ring.

    As a rule, never force the ring from your finger. There are many tried and proven techniques you can use. By forcing the ring in any way, the metal may bend tighter or break and cut your skin. (more…)

    Wear Your Ring On A Chain

    Ring On A Chain

    In a number of professions, such as medicine or food preparation, it isn’t possible to wear a ring to work. If permitted, the ring may have to be covered with tape which can leave a residue or remove the shine from a ring.

    To avoid leaving precious jewellery at home or in a locker, the simple solution is to continue to wear your ring, but on a chain around your neck. The chain can be worn inside or outside of your clothes and 9ct gold chains and silver chains are very popular for this purpose. (more…)

    The Cheapest Engagement Ring?

    Are you looking for Rings? The new sparkling solitaire engagement ring launched by Tesco is the helpful answer to many would-be-groom’s prayers. Shimmering with a stunning cubic zirconia centrepiece, the 14ct gold plated silver ring is made for couples to celebrate their love without spending a fortune.

    The solitaire engagement ring can be found in the superstore for the unbelievable price of just £15. Compare that with the price of cinema tickets or a large crate of beer. As well as the cubic zirconia ring, Tesco are also promoting 9ct Ladies wedding rings at the same amazing £15 price. (more…)

    Gold Rings – The Remedy For Arthritis

    Not many people know that the shining yellow gold metal has been used in medicine since the turn of the century.

    However, studies carried out by researchers from Birmingham City Hospital point towards a remedy using gold rings for the destructive erosion of joints caused by arthritis. (more…)