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    Top Five Ways To Lose Rings

    After a while wearing an engagement ring, wedding ring or both becomes second nature. Months after you’ve flashed your rings past your girl friend’s noses and perfected making rainbows with your diamond engagement ring, there comes a time when the ring feels natural, like it belongs there.

    It’s apparently at this point that we become careless, a little knock, slipping the ring on and off absentmindedly, forgetting it’s off after the washing up or a shower and so on. It’s at this point that it’s possible if not likely that the rings could be misplaced, lost or vanished from under your watchful sight.

    Five of the top ways we lose engagement rings and wedding rings are:

    #1 – Around the house, rings are commonly lost whilst gardening or doing the washing up. Loose rings can slip from fingers when gloves are removed or fall into the sink and down the plughole.

    #2 – Lost on holiday, rings left in the bathroom after a shower or in changing rooms may be left behind by accident or swept away if they come loose and fall off in the sea.

    #3 – Whilst exercising it’s important to check your rings are safe. Many sports recommend not wearing jewellery to prevent loss of valuables and to protect you and opponents in team sports.

    #4 – How many rings have been thrown away in the trash? Hundreds? Thousands? Whenever handling rubbish, always check your ring fingers before and after. The probability of finding a lost ring in the rubbish is higher the sooner you notice it’s gone.

    #5 – The fifth most popular way to lose a ring is, wait for it, shopping! Our favourite pastime is the culprit for many precious rings going missing never to be found again.

    The solution is simple – always know which rings you are wearing so that you can see which ones you have lost. Better still, make sure all of your rings fit snugly to your finger, not too tight and not too loose.

    Many rings purchased through Rings.org.uk include guarantees, warranties and optional insurance. If you have purchased a valuable ring or if it has a sentimental or investment value, rings insurance is available and worthwhile should you need to replace your rings in the future.


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