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    Tanzanite Rings Or Turquoise Rings?

    Choosing new fashion rings or engagement rings really shouldn’t be this hard. In order to keep up with girlfriends and sisters our status is somewhat governed by the rings that we wear, who gave them to us, how much they cost and will they go with “that dress”?

    So if you’re looking for something unique, modern, stylish and chic then the sensuous tri-colour tanzanite ring could be for you. Discovered in 1967 in Northern Tanzania the tanzanite gemstone is a purple-blue variety of the mineral ziosite and is becoming extremely popular for the centrepiece in engagement rings. Tanzanite has also been awarded Birthstone status and is one of the three birthstones for December along with turquoise and zircon.

    Sparkling and fun, tanzanite rings symbolise fulfilment, confidence and individuality. Tanzanite rings are complemented with tanzanite bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Your tanzanite rings will shine brightly against black work suits and evening dresses and blend with casual cream and lilac outfits.

    December’s second birthstone, turquoise, is said to be the gemstone of wealth and power, a bearer of good fortune, luck, happiness and success. Staying true to nature, the pretty turquoise stone is formed when water passes through rocks containing minerals such as copper (for blue) or aluminium (for green).

    Rings containing turquoise are the perfect gift for people born under the Sagittarius star sign and for celebrating 5th and 11th wedding anniversaries. Turquoise rings bring stability, understanding and trust and turquoise is a sacred stone used for centuries for healing. With early origins in Egypt the vibrant blue and green shades of turquoise are enough to take you away to exotic lands and wearing a turquoise ring on your finger is a sure reminder of holidays and fun.

    Whether you choose a tri-colour tanzanite ring or a precious turquoise ring both will look stunning for any occasion. For more examples of tanzanite rings and turquoise rings, take a look at the selection of rings at Rings.org.uk. With 10,000 rings from top High Street retailers and online brands, you’ll find plenty of rings that will go perfectly with “that dress”.


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