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    Engagement Ring Special: Top 5 Tips For Proposing

    At Rings.org.uk, we’re aware that Christmas is one of the top times of the year for people to buy an Engagement Ring.

    That’s why we have over 10,000 rings to choose from and 5 top tips for when you propose.

    Top 5 Tips For Proposing

    # 1 Be Prepared

    Yes, preparation is the key. When the moment comes, it’s absolutely important to know what you’re going to say. Thrusting the Cheapest Engagement Ring whilst splurging out “will you marry me, Julie” when your girlfriend is called Melissa won’t go down well at all.

    # 2 Location, Location

    Now you’ve sorted the words, it’s time to put your thinking cap on for the perfect place. Some proposals work well out of spontaneity, maybe when you’re sat at the back of the cinema, on a bus, whilst bungee jumping and so on. Others require more formal planning, such as a Romantic Dinner for two at your favourite restaurant where you can hand over your engagement ring. Maybe you’ll hire a limo and pop the question at the end of the perfect night out.

    # 3 An Audience Or Alone?

    Going down on one knee in front of her family at Christmas might seem like a good idea in your head. Perhaps you had in mind to propose at a ball game or live on TV or radio? Unless you can read your girlfriend well, most sources recommend a quiet location where you can hand over your engagement ring, assuming she says “yes” of course.

    # 4 Rings Aren’t For Eating Or Drinking

    It looks great on TV when the girl sips her red wine to the bottom of the glass to find a sparkling engagement ring waiting for her. In reality, if your girl necks the wine, a night in casualty might await. Likewise with food, the ring will get sticky and messy and whilst it might be a memorable moment, the general advice is to keep the engagement ring in your pocket until you’re ready.

    # 5 Relax And Enjoy

    This could be the first and last time you’ll propose so make the most of it. Take a few deep breaths, take her hand and ask the question. You’ll both look back on this moment for the rest of your lives. Make sure you’re confident and look her in the eyes. You’re the one she’s chosen to be with so why wouldn’t she say yes?

    For other tips on planning your Proposal and advice on choosing the perfect Engagement Ring and wedding rings, be sure to choose from the beautiful selection of rings at Rings.org.uk.


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