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    Top 5 Reasons To Choose Tanzanite Rings

    Tanzanite Ring

    The beautiful tanzanite gemstone has engaged many generations. These are the top five reasons why we love tanzanite rings.

    # 1 – Enigmatic tanzanite rings are unusual in their colouring and are a tri-colour gemstone which boasts a tantalising blend of sapphire blue, violet and burgundy colourings. This alluring combination favours those with free spirits and who are tempted by adventure.

    # 2 – Tanzanite rings are perfect if you were born in December as the rings contain the birthstone for this cold winter month and tanzanite is said to be the lucky gemstone for December. Tanzanite is also associated with the planet Jupiter and is said to influence personal fulfilment, happiness and contentment.

    # 3 – If you are thinking of proposing this Christmas, tanzanite rings are very popular engagement rings as they contain soft blue-purple colourings which suit all skin tones and can be purchased as gold tanzanite rings, white gold tanzanite rings and silver tanzanite rings, depending on your preference.

    # 4 – Tanzanite rings and tanzanite jewellery has a strong reputation for timeless elegance and a worthy investment. Tanzanite is the nominated gemstone of the 20th century. Tanzanite rings are 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness and tanzanite is a durable gemstone you can wear every day.

    # 5 – Tanzanite rings contain rare and desired gemstones which were discovered in 1967 in Northern Tanzania. Tanzanite was first promoted by New York jewellers Tiffany & Co and this prestigious jewellery is found in rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings around the world.

    Find your perfect tanzanite rings in the collection of tanzanite rings available at Rings.org.uk. With over 10,000 rings to choose from, you’ll find rings for every occasion.


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