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    Owl Delivers Diamond Engagement Ring

    Forget pigeon post, using an owl is the much trendier way to get what you want delivered. Lovebird Jason Jenkins from Stoke on Trent had a hoot when he proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Melissa Bowen using an owl taking part in a display with Cheshire Falconry.

    During the display, the chosen messenger owl swooped on to Jason’s arm with a pink velvet bag attached to its leg. Safe inside the velvet bag was Jason’s diamond engagement ring ready for him to pop the question to Melissa. (more…)

    Would You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

    Choosing your own engagement ring is a fairly modern concept. In the past, choosing the engagement ring has been down to the man who’s proposing, perhaps with a little help from his friends. Maybe his family has a custom to hand down jewellery and you received a ‘second hand’ engagement ring from his great grandmother.

    Even if you chose your own engagement ring, there may come a time when the large diamond ring is impractical for work or performing simple tasks around the house. That’s when asking oh so sweetly for rings can give you the chance to choose a more suitable engagement ring. (more…)

    Eclipse Bella Engagement Ring

    Eclipse Bella Engagement Ring

    Enter the world of Twilight with your very own Bella Swan engagement ring. Inspired by Hollywood and the worldwide acclaimed novels by Stephanie Meyer, these gorgeous silver plated, stone set rings are available from Argos in small, medium and large sizes (L, N, Q).

    Priced at just £19.99, this cool silver plated ring is destined not just as throwaway fashion but a keepsake to treasure. (more…)

    Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring Hits Brazil Markets

    Copycat Engagement Ring

    When Prince William proposed to long term girlfriend Kate Middleton with his late mother Princess Diana’s engagement ring, the stunning 18ct sapphire and diamond engagement ring fit Kate’s ring finger perfectly.

    Since then, news of her Engagement Ring travelled worldwide with many stores stocking replica rings and market traders importing look-a-like engagement rings for people on the street to buy, wear and enjoy. (more…)

    Fantastic Christmas Savings – Sapphire Engagement Ring

    18ct Gold Sapphire And Diamond Ring
    Save £200 off this Kate Middleton look-a-like Sapphire Engagement Ring exclusively from F.Hinds. At £499, this 18ct gold, sapphire and 0.25ct diamond ring holds mystery and charm. At the centre, the large, oval sapphire gleams with pure ocean beauty. On either side, attractive diamonds catch the eye.

    An engagement ring with three stones represents the past, the present and the future. Sapphire is not only one of the most beautiful gemstones but also the birthstone for September and the star sign Virgo. Pure diamonds accentuate sapphire’s radiance and this engagement ring is truly one to treasure. (more…)

    Top 5 Of The Best Diamonds In The World

    The Golden Jubilee

    The diamond engagement ring you bought from Rings.org.uk will certainly glitter and sparkle on your finger but did you know that its cousins are some of the largest diamonds and the most valuable gemstones in the world.

    The diamond engagement ring is the Birthstone for April and those born under the star sign Aries. Having said that, diamonds are every girls best friend and these dazzling gemstones make a beautiful Engagement Ring, eternity ring or every day fashion ring. (more…)

    Become A Princess With A Copycat Royal Replica Engagement Ring

    Prince William And Kate Middleton Engagement Plate

    At a cool half a million dollars, Kate Middleton’s oval 18ct sapphire and diamond engagement ring is way outside most girls dreams and most boys bank balances. The sensational Engagement Ring worn by Prince William’s mother, the late Lady Diana Spencer caused a storm in 1981 when she was given the ring by Prince Charles. Nearly thirty years later, dazzling photographers and sparkling in society, the ring is said to fit Kate Middleton’s finger perfectly.

    The stunning 18ct blue sapphire is said to be worth around $300,000 alone with the diamonds and setting adding to the value, making the 18ct gold engagement ring a valuable treasure as well as an incredible ring to look at. Diamond is the Birthstone for April and sapphire is the birthstone for September. Together they create a picture of harmony and lasting love between the couple. (more…)

    Engagement Ring Special: Top 5 Tips For Proposing

    At Rings.org.uk, we’re aware that Christmas is one of the top times of the year for people to buy an Engagement Ring.

    That’s why we have over 10,000 rings to choose from and 5 top tips for when you propose. (more…)

    A Royal Engagement Ring

    Blue Sapphire Ring
    With a romance to last in history, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton on vacation to Kenya earlier this year and plans have been set for a Royal Wedding to take place in 2011.

    Whilst Clarance House reports “delight announcing the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton”, Prime Minister David Cameron wished them “great joy in their life together”. (more…)

    Make A Brooch From A Ring

    Cabochon Ring Brooch

    At some point every girl has a costume ring, fancy ring or even an Engagement Ring that she no longer wants to wear but can’t bear to throw away.

    Maybe that sparkling Diamond Ring doesn’t fit anymore or the Bridal Jewellery you wore is too good for every day. Then it’s time to pick out the special gemstones that you want to keep and re-set them in a brooch. (more…)