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    Types Of Topaz Rings

    Blue Topaz Ring

    When choosing your topaz ring, you can choose from shades of irridescent blue to yellow, pink and shimmering mystic topaz with its rainbow of colours.

    Blue topaz is generally divided into three main types: London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and Sky Blue Topaz which vary in colour and value.

    A London Blue Topaz Ring will contain the darkest shade, bordering on navy and equal in colour to dark blue sapphire gemstones.

    A Swiss Blue Topaz Ring has mid-blue colourings and be similar in colour to your aquamarine ring. Between London blue topaz and Swiss blue topaz are shades known as Electric blue topaz and Sierra blue topaz which are both vibrant and beautiful colours for your topaz ring. As their names suggest, these blues are bright and colourful and the topaz gemstones will stand out on your ring finger.

    A Sky Blue Topaz Ring and Light blue topaz rings are paler in comparison but no less beautiful. They have a faint blue tint which displays elegance and class when worn on Gold Rings or a silver ring with matching topaz earrings.

    Gold topaz or yellow topaz is not to be confused with citrine and the sunshine coloured cousin of blue topaz is also the birthstone for November.

    Mystic topaz is actually a colourless topaz that has been artificially coated with an ultra-thin layer of film to give a sensational rainbow effect. Mystic Topaz Rings are popular to wear at parties and for special occasions.

    Even though there’s a great choice of colour for your topaz ring it can be hard to choose which is the best topaz ring for yourself or even the one you want to give as a present.

    When browsing topaz rings at Rings.org.uk, the simple solution is to choose the ring that appeals most to you and the one you will feel comfortable wearing or giving to your friend.


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