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    Top 10 Reasons To Wear Ruby Rings

    Diamond Ruby Ring

    Red is the colour of love and romance and to say that everyone loves ruby red is surely an understatement that doesn’t do justice to this powerful, sensual colour. Wearing red ruby rings is pure pleasure contained within a treasured gemstone.

    At Rings.org.uk, we love ruby rings and there are certainly plenty to choose from. No matter whether you’re choosing a ruby engagement ring, like the one given recently to celebrity Jessica Simpson, or a sensual ruby eternity ring, we have an amazing choice of rings at great prices too.

    Our top 10 reasons to wear ruby rings are:

    # 1 – Confidence: Ruby red is the ultimate colour of passion which brings confidence to the wearer and demonstrates a positive attitude.

    # 2 –Suitability: Gorgeous ruby rings suit warm skin tones. Ruby rings look great with gold and copper accessories.

    # 3 – Astrology and Birthmonth: Ruby rings are ideal presents for those born in July and under the star sign Cancer.

    # 4 – Wedding Anniversary: Ruby is the chosen gemstone given for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries and ruby rings make thoughtful gifts to celebrate these occasions.

    # 5 – Lifestyle: Wearing ruby rings is said to provide good health, wisdom and success in love.

    # 6 – Health: In health, wearing ruby rings is said to increase positive thinking and provide support with problems concerning blood and infection.

    # 7 – Synergy: Ruby rings are symbols of integrity, confidence, courage and happiness. When you wear ruby rings they are said to enhance your vitality, energy, devotion and strength.

    # 8 – At Work: When you wear your fiery red ruby rings, earrings and necklaces together, they will complement your work wardrobe in the office, at meetings and office parties.

    # 9 – In Love: Ruby rings are passionate rings exchanged by lovers and friends. Giving heart-shaped ruby rings as an engagement gift symbolises true love and devotion.

    # 10 – Rubies Forever: Rubies are durable and attractive gemstones capable of standing up to the rigours of daily wear. They are second only to diamond in strength and value. Ruby rings are timeless, glamorous rings to wear every day of your life.

    This article was created for Rings.org.uk – the leading rings comparison site with over 10,000 rings, ruby rings and many more rings to choose from. Check it out! If you enjoyed this article, why not take a look at our Top 10 Reasons To Choose Turquoise Rings as well.


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