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    Sapphire Rings For September And Virgo

    Sapphire rings are the luxurious blue gemstone that reminds us of the sparkling deep ocean filled with mystery and intrigue. Sapphire is the Royal gemstone chosen by Princess Diana and passed on to Prince William and bestowed to his girlfriend now wife Kate Middleton in their Royal engagement that captivated our hearts culminating in their magnificent marriage celebrated this year.

    Choosing a sapphire engagement ring is symbolic of true love and devotion shared between a couple. Sapphire gemstones bring people together and rings containing sapphire are glamorous, vibrant and romantic gemstones you’ll love to give and love to wear.

    Sapphire is known as “The Gem of Destiny” and the cool navy blue colouring within sapphire truly suggests that it is a stone destined to be worn by great people. Sapphire rings are ideal gifts for those born in the autumn month of September and those born under the Virgo zodiac star sign. Sapphire is the recognised birthstone for Virgo and is a lucky talisman for those who wear sapphire rings, sapphire bracelets and enjoy pretty blue sapphire jewellery.

    As well as the nominated gemstone for September sapphire is also used to celebrate 5th wedding anniversaries, 23rd wedding anniversaries and 45th wedding anniversaries. Giving your partner sapphire rings and Ceylon sapphire rings with diamonds, as worn by Kate Middleton, to celebrate these occasions is a thoughtful and memorable gift.

    Sapphire rings for Virgo people and those born in September are ideal birthstone rings and you can choose birthstone rings for the month you were born or for the month your friend or someone in your family was born in as a beautiful gift they will cherish and enjoy. Find a full list of birthstones by month at Rings.org.uk as well as a stunning selection of rings for all occasions.


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