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    Sapphire Rings And Summer Jewellery

    Sapphire rings make the perfect summer jewellery accessories. With deep shades of navy blue shimmering like the ocean at your finger tips you’ll be reminded not just of holidays abroad but of long summer days with pure blue skies.

    Tempting sapphire rings are beautiful when set in gold rings and silver rings. The essence of the pure blue gemstone is calming, tranquil, peaceful and loving. Sapphire engagement rings are chosen for their passion and romance and as sapphire is the nominated gemstone for September, what better month than this to choose your perfect rings, wedding rings and sapphire engagement rings?

    Sapphire is an ancient gemstone worn by men and women throughout the ages. Known as “the gem of destiny” it was believed that those who wore sapphire rings were in control of their destiny and their choices in life. Pretty blue sapphire rings are complemented when you wear a sapphire necklace or simple sapphire stud earrings. The echoes of soft blue from your face to your fingers add charm and subtle mystery.

    The gorgeous sapphire gemstone is also the nominated gem for celebrating wedding anniversaries in the 5th year, 23rd year and 45th year of your relationship. A sapphire ring was also the blue gemstone chosen by Prince William to give to his girlfriend now wife Kate Middleton. The Royal sapphire passed through the family and will be a British heirloom for many generations to come.

    Sapphire rings containing the sapphire blue gemstone are in the top four gemstones we love to choose and be given. Emerald rings, ruby rings and diamond rings are also among our favourite choices for engagement rings, accents in wedding rings and beautiful rings we love to wear for any occasion.


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