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    Rings.org.uk Special Feature – The Best Places To Propose

    Rings.org.uk is the UK’s number one rings comparison site and also one of the best places for advice choosing your engagement rings, wedding rings and simply rings for any and every occasion. As well as offering a huge selection of over 15,000 stunning rings to customers in the UK and beyond you might find the following places inspiration to make your proposal unique and extremely special.

    With thousands of romantic locations to choose from in the UK alone rings have been exchanged on Cornwall’s sunset beaches, ancient monuments like Stonehenge and contemporary cultural landmarks such as the London Eye and Blackpool Tower.

    If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and secluded to propose to your girlfriend or partner look no further than the rugged coastline of Cornwall. With beaches off the map and quiet splash of the waves you can write your names in the sand. Remember to take a picnic rug to wrap around you when you watch the winter sunset after giving her the engagement ring so you can make the special moment last longer.

    Rings given at ancient monuments have a beauty that cannot be described. The still calm of the ancient wisdom blessing your relationship will imprint in your mind forever. Choosing one of the stone circles to celebrate the next step of your relationship is something your friends will envy, wishing they’d had the idea themselves.

    Finally, like proposing in New York or Paris receiving your engagement ring in the UK’s capital can be very exciting. With the hustle of the city escaping for a moment to overlook the world from the capital’s landmark known throughout the world is something you’ll both remember. Giving her the engagement ring from the London Eye, in Hyde Park, a Starbucks café or simply walking down the street is pure romance.

    Remember though, it’s not the size of the ring or the grandeur of the location. Your words and your proposal are all that matters.

    For a stunning choice of engagement rings and wedding rings look no further than Rings.org.uk, the UK’s number one rings comparison site. Choose and order your rings securely online through Rings.org.uk.


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