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    Opal Rings – The Facts

    Opal rings have an undisputed worldwide appeal and the unique inner fire burning within the heart of each opal symbolises feelings of hope and true destiny.

    Rings made with opal stones will capture your imagination and at Rings.org.uk we have popular and fun facts to help you choose the opal rings you’ll want to wear time and time again.

    Opal Rings Facts

    #1 – Opal is a mineral found on or just under the Earth’s surface.

    #2 – Opal is the birthstone for the star sign Libra and the month of October.

    #3 – Opal is found in Australia but also in Mexico, Africa, Brazil and parts of America.

    #4 – Opal rings can contain black opal, white opal, fire opal, boulder opal and crystal opal.

    #5 – The name opal comes from the Greek word “opallus” meaning a change in colour.

    #6 – Opal rings are ideal gifts to celebrate your 14th and 18th wedding anniversary.

    #7 – Wearing opal rings is said to promote happiness and inner confidence.

    #8 – In health, opal rings are said to cure eye infections and speed up the body’s healing processes.

    #9 – Opal rates 5.5 and 6.5 on the Moh’s scale of gemstone hardness. In comparison, diamond is 10 on the Moh’s scale making opal a soft gemstone.

    #10 – Opal rings and opal jewellery are enigmatic with displays of reflected and refracted light. In some opal gemstones colours through the rainbow can be seen in a delightful array of red, orange, yellow, blue and green.

    #11 – Expensive opal rings contain flashes of red and yellow. These are rarer than their green and blue green counterparts and command higher prices.

    #12 – The gemstones in opal rings can contain up to 30% of water which aids the opal’s gift of changing colour in the light.

    #13 – The opal is sometimes known as “the eye stone” meaning that it watches over whoever is wearing the opal ring.

    #14 – Opal rings can be sourced from around the world with prices to suit almost any budget. At Rings.org.uk opal rings are available from under £20 through to over £500.

    #15 – Opal rings have gained popularity as engagement rings and eternity rings. The pretty opal gemstone is a favourite with older and younger generations and the bright burning fires sparkle in any surrounding.

    Choose your opal rings from the collection of opal rings available at Rings.org.uk. With over 10,000 rings available, you’re sure to find the perfect rings for every occasion.


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