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    Engagement Rings With Birthstones

    Engagement rings containing your birthstone are precious rings with double significance. As well as the thrill of becoming engaged to the person you love the most in the world you’ll have the lucky gemstone of your birth month included in the ring they have chosen for you or with you.

    Everyone says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but did you know that diamond is the birthstone for April and those born under the Taurus star sign. Choosing a diamond engagement ring will symbolise purity and longevity of your relationship. Birthstone engagement rings are popular with celebrities too with Tara Reid receiving a citrine engagement ring, perfectly matching her November birth month.

    Tara Reid’s platinum engagement ring contains a beautiful citrine bezel with a collar of white diamonds. The diamonds emphasise the beauty of the citrine gemstone and these relate perfectly to her November birth month.

    There are twelve official birthstones with a different gemstone nominated for each month. Some months have multiple gemstones and it’s down to personal preference whether you choose the gemstone and birthstone for your month or simply your favourite coloured gemstone that is within your budget and expectations.

    Garnet engagement rings and for Capricorn

    Amethyst engagement rings and for Aquarius

    Aquamarine engagement rings and for Pisces

    Diamond engagement rings and for Aries

    Emerald engagement rings and for Taurus

    Pearl engagement rings and for Gemini

    Ruby engagement rings and for Cancer

    Peridot engagement rings and for Leo

    Sapphire engagement rings and for Virgo

    Opal engagement rings and for Libra

    Citrine or Topaz engagement rings and for Scorpio

    Turquoise engagement rings and for Sagittarius

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