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    Emerald Engagement Rings

    Emerald engagement rings have the unique glow of nature. The deep forest emerald green colouring comes to light when the emerald gemstone is set in rings of silver and rings of gold. Add diamonds to your emerald engagement rings to symbolise the past, present and future of your friendship and relationship.

    Emerald engagement rings are the popular choice for couples becoming engaged in May as emerald is the gemstone for May and the birthstone for those born in May and under the Taurus star sign. Bright green emerald is a symbol of spring turning to summer and the promise of happy days enjoying the sunshine.

    The emeralds in emerald engagement rings are found in many parts of the world from the USA to Brazil, Columbia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Russia and more. Emerald is from the beryl mineral family and takes its colouring through traces of chromium or vanadium. The rarest emeralds are trapiche emeralds with spoke patterns that look like stars. These highly coveted emeralds found deep in the mines of Columbia are rare and feature in exclusive emerald engagement rings.

    Whilst emerald engagement rings are popular emerald can also be used as an emerald friendship ring, an emerald eternity ring or an emerald anniversary ring. Emerald anniversary rings are given to celebrate 20th wedding anniversaries, 35th wedding anniversaries and 55th wedding anniversaries.

    Lush green emeralds are associated with friendship, faithfulness and loyalty and in health emerald rings are a source for relieving spine problems and headaches. Emeralds are a traditional gemstone for your emerald engagement rings belong to a history of over 4,000 years where emerald jewellery is among the top four gemstones along with ruby, sapphire and diamond.

    Emerald green suits most people and emerald engagement rings can be complemented with other emerald jewellery such as an emerald necklace or emerald earrings. Treat yourself to emerald rings from Rings.org.uk the leading rings comparison site in the UK. Find the perfect emerald engagement rings at Rings.org.uk too. With over 10,000 rings to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect rings for every special occasion.


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