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    Aquamarine Rings – The Birthstone for March

    Aquamarine is the chosen gemstone for the Pisces star sign and those born in the month of March. Aquamarine is also the gemstone for 19th wedding anniversaries.

     As part of a year long Gregorian Birthstone Poem, March’s verse quotes traditionally quotes bloodstone as the gemstone for March, however Aquamarine is the modern equivalent. Wearing aquamarine rings is said to ensure friendship and fidelity.

     By her who in March was born
    No gem save bloodstone shall be worn
    They will ensure her constancy
    True friendship and fidelity 

     (Published in 1870 by Tiffany & Co, author unknown)

    Rings containing aquamarine gemstones of delicate shades of oceanic blue-green are perfect reminders of hot summer days. Aquamarine rings are also said to increase awareness and improve communication.

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