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    5 Tips How To Choose Men’s Wedding Rings

    After selecting the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé it can be a tough task to find two more rings that you’ll both want to wear for the rest of your lives. Ladies wedding rings tend to be smaller, delicate and made from fine metals such as gold, white gold and silver.

    Men’s wedding rings typically have larger bands however there are no rules to say that men’s wedding rings can’t be glamorous and set with diamonds, engraved with initials, dates, a personalised message, or made from equally fine materials. At Rings.org.uk we have five top tips to help you find stylish and comfortable wedding rings.

    #1 – The best metal for men’s wedding rings

    Gold wedding rings are perhaps the most traditional metal however white gold wedding rings, silver wedding rings and new metals such as titanium wedding rings, platinum wedding rings and tungsten wedding rings are stylish choices for men.

    Titanium wedding rings are known for containing the world’s toughest metal, three times the strength of steel, lightweight and hypoallergenic. The white metal platinum is heavier than gold, more expensive and retains its colour without treatment. Tungsten wedding rings are grey-white in colour similar to white gold and titanium however are highly scratch resistant and contain a permanent polish giving tungsten wedding rings a bright, shiny appearance.

    Note: When choosing titanium wedding rings and tungsten wedding rings, ensure they are sized correctly as once made they are unable to be re-soldered.

    #2 – Should men’s wedding rings match?

    Many women like the metal and design of their wedding rings to match their engagement rings. If she has a gold band on her engagement ring this will be complemented by a gold wedding ring. This may influence your choice and you’ll choose a gold men’s wedding ring in the same design and detail.

    #3 – Engravings on men’s wedding rings

    Unless you plan on a short marriage and/or selling your wedding rings after the ceremony then engraving your wedding rings is a lovely touch and something you can share with your partner forever. Popular engravings on men’s wedding rings are the date of your wedding, the first time you met your wife, your name and her name or initials.

    Writing a religious verse or a short message is also popular and you will be able to check prices for engraving at your local jeweller. Whether you choose to engrave your rings before or after the wedding is up to you, however it may be worth waiting until afterwards in case you need to get the rings resized at the same time.

    #4 – Diamonds and details

    Having diamonds, or any other gemstones, set into your men’s wedding ring is a personal choice. Men’s wedding rings have changed considerably in the last few years and many men are choosing to add a little sparkle to their wedding rings. Glittering diamonds are possibly the most popular, however choosing a gemstone that matches your fiancé’s engagement ring gemstone is another way to show you’re a couple with identical gemstones in your wedding rings.

    The detail of the men’s wedding ring is another personal choice. If you engrave the inside this is your personal message shared between you and your wife. If you engrave the outside or choose a ring design with cut-out detail, or use two-tone colours in the band with stripes, inlays, wave or woven patterns or any combination this will make your men’s wedding ring truly unique.

    #5 – Comfort and style

    Finally when choosing your men’s wedding rings it’s important that the ring fits snugly (not too tight and not too loose) around your wedding finger. There are different finishes to the inside and the outside of the curves of the ring that can add to the comfort. Make sure your ring isn’t too heavy or a problem at work if you operate machinery, work with food etc. Will your ring affect any sports such as football or surfing? Maybe you can take it off from time to time and wear it on a neck chain.

    Choosing a ring that suits your personality and your lifestyle is most important. A ring that matches you in comfort and style will be a ring you’re proud of and a symbol of your lasting commitment. If you prefer a pair of simple, traditional wedding rings or something outrageous, glamorous and flamboyant look no further than Rings.org.uk.

    With over 10,000 rings, an easy to use ring size chart and lots of special offers you’re sure to find not just the men’s wedding rings you were looking for but much more besides.


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