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    Top 10 Reasons To Choose Turquoise Rings

    Turquoise Ring

    # 1 – The first reason to choose a turquoise ring is simple. Your vibrant, eye catching, bright blue turquoise rings will brighten your day each time you wear them. They will invoke precious feelings of happiness, prosperity and success.

    # 2 – Glamorous turquoise rings are said to help at work and at home with your communication. Turquoise rings are said to aid regeneration and renew your strength.

    # 3 – In health, wearing a turquoise ring is said to be effective with asthma, fighting infections and depression. The cheerful unique colouring in turquoise rings will lighten your spirits.

    # 4 – If you are celebrating a 5th or 11th wedding anniversary, turquoise is the nominated gemstone for these occasions. Choosing turquoise rings to celebrate your anniversary is a timeless gift you will appreciate day after day.

    # 5 – Since 1920, turquoise has been nominated the official birthstone for December and for Sagittarians born under the astrology star sign of the archer, Sagittarius. Wearing rings containing your birthstone is said to enhance your luck and bring good things your way.

    # 6 – With a Moh’s rating of 5-6, turquoise is a mid-range gemstone that can be worn every day as well as on special occasions. Turquoise rings have a gentle presence and a lasting appeal.

    # 7 – Silver turquoise rings, white gold turquoise rings and platinum turquoise rings are perfect if you have cool skin tones and blue, green or grey eyes. The cool metals matched with the vibrant turquoise gemstone are reminiscent of the deep ocean and beautiful summer days.

    # 8 – Alternatively, gold turquoise rings are uplifting if you have warm skin tones and brown or hazel eye colouring. The relaxing contrast between the colours is uplifting and will make you feel on top of the world.

    # 9 – A modern gemstone with a rich history, turquoise and turquoise rings have been worn since Egyptian times. Turquoise is also a sacred stone of the North American Indians and Tibetans and used to promote wisdom, kindness and trust.

    # 10 – A blue-green turquoise ring is the ultimate token of friendship and commitment between friends and lovers. When choosing your rings, consider turquoise rings as the foundation for your relationship and the gemstone to bring happiness into your life.


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