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    Tanzanite Rings – 5 Tips To Care For Your Stunning Tanzanite Rings

    Tanzanite rings contain the beautifully unusual tri-colour gemstone called tanzanite, a purple-blue variety of the ziosite mineral. A “trichoism” gemstone with stunning shades of sapphire blue, burgundy and sensual violet shades and tones of unreserved beauty tanzanite has the mesmerising power to put other gemstones in the shade.

    Rings containing tanzanite are exclusive and desirable. Tanzanite rings are precious rings that you’ll want to look after so that you can wear them every day. Tanzanite rings and tanzanite engagement rings will benefit from the care in our exclusive Rings.org.uk guide for caring for tanzanite rings.

    #1 – Preparation

    Ease your tanzanite rings from your finger and lay them on a clean towel as a soft surface to work on. Tanzanite is a gentle gemstone and the soft towel will cushion against cracks or fractures compared with working on a table top or hard surface.

    #2 – Cleaning Solution

    As many cleaning fluids are too strong for tanzanite rings simply mix one tablespoon of cleaning fluid into a cup of warm (not boiling) water. Drop your tanzanite rings into the solution and stir gently for five minutes.

    3# – Remove Dirt And Dry

    Carefully drain the water and rinse your tanzanite rings with clean warm water. Use a toothbrush glide around the shape of your tanzanite ring, extracting dirt, dried skin, make-up etc. Pat your tanzanite rings dry with the towel.

    4# – Polish To Perfection

    When your tanzanite rings are dry, gently polish the surface with a soft cloth. Buff the ring metal until shiny and gently wipe any moisture from the gemstone. Examine your tanzanite rings under a light to check that you’re happy with the finished process.

    #5 – Wear With Pride

    Wearing clean jewellery feels great. It brings back memories of when the ring was brand new and shiny. Tanzanite rings are exquisite jewellery which deserves a place of pride on your finger.

    All jewellery and rings can do with a clean from time to time. Remember to follow the Rings.org.uk guide to cleaning your tanzanite rings and you’ll enjoy wearing your rings and jewellery all the more.


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