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9ct Yellow Gold Emerald

9 Carat Yellow Gold, Emerald and Diamond Ring A ladies unique ring design with Emerald gemstones and diamonds.

A stunning ring design which captures the true beauty of both, the Emeralds and diamonds set on a 9ct yellow gold ring band which has a slight twist to a simple ring band design.

To own an emerald gemstone is to own a piece of history, a piece of nature and a piece of artwork.

Emerald is believed to bring wisdom, true friendship and foresight into the future A Diamond is: The Birthstone for the month of April Zodiac stone for Aries , 21st March - 20th April Given as the 10th, 60th and 75th wedding anniversary stone Emerald Information Birthstone: May Zodiac: Cancer Wedding Anniversaries: 20th and 35th


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