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    Peridot Rings – Treat Yourself

    Peridot rings have an alluring beauty in a league of their own. Vitality, peace, prosperity and growth are all associated with this delicate gemstone. Peridot is from the olivine mineral and has a medium rating on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness making peridot rings not just beautiful rings but rings you’ll love to wear every day of the year.

    Peridot rings also contain the gemstone for your 16th wedding anniversary or if you have been in a relationship for 16 years. Peridot is also the noted gemstone for the August birthstone and is said to bring luck to those born in this summer month.

    Peridot rings make thoughtful gifts to those born in August or under the Leo zodiac star sign. Wearing cool green peridot is a summer colour and peridot rings, peridot necklaces and peridot earrings are the perfect accessories to wear to summer garden parties.

    In folklore peridot is believed to be helpful to repel demons and banish nightmares. For those who wear peridot daily the calming gemstone symbolises happiness and longevity in a relationship. Wearing a white gold peridot ring or a silver peridot ring is the perfect way to show off the natural light of this warm, leafy green peridot gemstone and peridot rings are beautiful rings with the essence of nature.

    Treat yourself to one of the stunning peridot rings available to buy online through Rings.org.uk. All peridot rings are sourced from your favourite High Street stores and online brands. Order peridot rings securely online and have them delivered to your home or workplace. Or surprise someone you love with a peridot ring arriving for them unexpectedly. Perhaps you’ll become engaged with a peridot ring, the symbol of happiness in the present and the future.


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