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    Peridot Rings – Tips For Choosing Peridot Rings


    Peridot rings contain the desirable green gemstone from the olivine mineral. Also known as the evening emerald peridot is a sensuous gemstone that shines vividly under lamplight and resembles deep green emeralds. Rings containing pretty peridot are subtle and precious rings that you’ll love to give and love to wear.

    Peridot rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and at Rings.org.uk we have top tips on how to choose the best peridot rings. Peridot rings make perfect anniversary rings and peridot engagement rings are beautiful stunning rings to give to your girlfriend or partner.

    Peridot Rings Tips

    #1 - When choosing your peridot rings check that the peridot gemstone has evenly distributed colour. This helps the light pass through the gemstone with no or minor imperfections.

    #2 - The most popular peridot is a vivid lime green colouring. Peridot in shades of yellow or brown can be found however the subtle green shades are the most desired.

    #3 - Like diamonds peridot rings are measured in carats. The larger the peridot carat typically the more expensive the peridot gemstone will be. However peridot is a cherished gemstone and you’ll find rings with peridot to suit almost any budget.

    #4 - Some peridot is treated with oil, resin or wax to enhance the colour. Peridot rings are in the middle of the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness. Softer than diamond peridot rings are delicate yet tough for daily wear.

    #5 - The name peridot is said to be derived from the Greek “peridona” meaning “giving richness” and this makes peridot rings the rich gift of love to someone you care about.

    Choose exquisite peridot rings to bring passion and commitment into your life. Find your peridot rings in the selection of stunning peridot rings available to buy online through Rings.org.uk.


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