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    Peridot Rings – Evening Emerald Rings

    Peridot rings shimmering with the soothing summer colours of olive, yellow and pale green are beautiful, stunning rings you’ll love to wear to summer parties. Peaceful and tranquil peridot rings belong to the Chrysolite or Olivine mineral family discovered some 2000 years ago.

    Peridot rings make perfect gifts for people born under the zodiac star sign Leo and those born in the summer month of August. Peridot is the nominated gemstone for this month and wearing peridot rings is said to be a talisman to attract good luck and good fortune.

    The peridot gemstone is also well known for calming influences and is a symbol of happiness and longevity in a relationship. Peridot rings can be given for 16th wedding anniversaries and matched with a peridot necklace or peridot earrings.

    The name peridot, pronounced “pear-a-doe”, comes from the Greek word “faridat” meaning “gem”. In Ancient Rome peridot was known as the “Evening Emerald” for the way it shone emerald green when it was placed near a lamp or lantern at night.

    A lighter shade than you’ll find in emerald rings peridot is a subtle shade of green that represents nature, peace, silence and inner calm. Peridot rings are also said to enhance the power and strength of the wearer.

    Peridot rates between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness. Somewhat softer than diamond but harder than opal peridot is a tough gemstone that looks lovely when set in a ring of silver or gold. Similar to diamond peridot rings are graded using the 4C’s (carat, colour, cut, clarity) and are available to purchase online.


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