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    Eternity Rings – For Now and For Ever

    Eternity rings are beautiful rings that carry a message of love and friendship. Romantic and fashionable these rings are made to be given, cherished and worn day after day. Closely related to wedding rings eternity rings also known as half circle bands or full circle bands demonstrate a settled, loving relationship.

    The first eternity rings date back to around 2000 BC when the Ancient Egyptians wore a simple band to show a bond between people. The eternity ring is typically worn on the third finger of the left hand and if part of a marriage then it can reside before or after the engagement ring and wedding ring.

    Eternity rings are often given when renewing wedding vows or at the birth of a child or a relationship anniversary. Rather than giving a second wedding ring eternity rings offer a way to celebrate these occasions and can be a memorable token to mark the occasion. Eternity rings don’t have to be saved for an occasion and they make lovely ‘just because’ gifts, especially those with diamonds around the edging.

    There is a wide choice of eternity rings and the half circle eternity ring is a popular choice with diamonds around half of the band. This can be less expensive to purchase and perhaps more comfortable to wear. Full circle eternity rings have diamonds, or other gemstones, all around the edge and this truly represents the completeness of a relationship that is fulfilled and represented by beautiful gems.

    Modern tradition states that a diamond eternity ring should be given to celebrate a first year wedding anniversary and a fifth year wedding anniversary with an eternity ring filled with sensual sapphires and delicate diamonds. More anniversary rings can be found under the Rings.org.uk Anniversary Rings guide. For a super selection of rings including eternity rings is available to buy securely online through Rings.org.uk.


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