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    Diamond Rings – The 4 C’s

    Diamond rings are often listed with the mystical term 4 C’s which isn’t as scary as it sounds. The 4 C’s simply refers to Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat, the criteria used to judge one diamond against another. The 4 C’s provide a guide to help choose the best diamonds for your rings.

    At Rings.org.uk we have a guide to the 4 C’s to help select the finest diamonds for your girlfriend’s engagement ring and make an informed choice when selecting your engagement rings, anniversary rings and eternity rings.

    Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend but they can also be a man’s worst nightmare when faced with choosing the stunning diamond ring that she’ll love forever. Using the 4 C’s you’ll have more information to help choose her perfect ring.


    The Cut is the term used to describe the facets or indentations sculpted into the diamond which gives the diamond its final polished shape. Correctly faceted diamonds let in the light and provide the inner sparkle diamonds are famous for. There are some popular diamond cuts with names you may be familiar with such as the princess cut, cushion cut, heart cut, pear cut, asscher cut, oval cut and confusingly the emerald cut which is a square shaped diamond cut that has nothing to do with the emerald gemstone.


    The diamonds we know and love are true colourless gemstones with sparkling rainbows emanating from the inner core. But the more perfect the diamond the higher the price and the rarer they are to find. Many of the diamonds you’ll find on the High Street are colourless graded on a scale from D to Z (not to be confused with ring sizes). There are also coloured diamonds that are naturally occurring and can be found in lovely shades of pink, yellow and blue.


    The clarity is used to measure imperfections and diamonds range from flawless to imperfect in an 11 step scale. Most flaws are hard to see with the human eye and some flaws can add character to the diamond ring as they make the ring truly unique.


    The carat, sometimes spelt karat, sometimes shortened to “ct” or “kt” is the weight of the diamond. Size isn’t everything so be wary of a large diamond that seems to cheap and don’t dismiss that tiny diamond with the large price tag. Typically diamonds with fewer flaws and more sparkle command higher prices.

    So armed with the facts on the 4 C’s you’re ready to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring, diamond anniversary ring or even a diamond ring for no particular reason other than to show you love someone.

    Find beautiful diamond rings here at Rings.org.uk. With over 15,000 diamond rings and stunning rings you’ll find rings for every occasion.


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